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Valencia M.

Afro-American History "What Makes you...

Welcome To Valencia's Page!

Hi. My name is Valencia Miller. I am a junior at Linden Mckinley High School. This website is for student's all around taking AP US HISTORY. My website will include some of the things we learn or talked about in our class. You are also welcome to leave any comments or suggetions. So Thank you for visting my website and I hope you enjoy and LEARN all at the same time.

Events and Announcements
Updated 9/15/07

This Week in A.P History We have to finish our DBQ and hand it in on Monday. Also This week Chapter 4 outline is due. Reminder: If Did not turn in Chapter 3, Mr.Temple Chapter 1 outline, and Bold words turn in first thing monday morning or in class. Also This week we have our quiz over the outline of the year, so STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!

In the News

Pushpin With Memo

Mr.Temple Is trying to put together a play with the A.P Class on everything we learn this year. To see an example go to Mr.Temple's page under VIDEO: AP US HISTORY VIEWS.


Meet the Challenge!

Hieroglyhpic Background 2

What language is this picture showing????
         THINK CAREFULLY!!!!

Last week's answer:
Last week's winner:

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Please get in touch with any questions or comments on my site.


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